Obergurgl, June 2004

At first it was somewhat cloudy - a persistent cloud layer just a few hundred metres above us successfully hid most of the peaks.

Sometimes it tore and allowed the sun to shine through a bit.

I hiked some, often through the snow.

Or rocks and sand, too.

On Sunday the clouds started to go up and away.

That way lay the Ötztal (Ötz valley).

And the other way is a glacier that was completely hidden the day before.

A bit of playing with the sensitivity, I can't take a picture where all would be nice and contrasted yet.

And it was kinda warm, too.

A skiing slope with the rests of snow, and I actually saw a pair of skiers enjoying it, while it lasts.

The other side of the valley. Those peaks were cleanly cut off by clouds in some of the previous pictures.

There's the glacier, or at least permanent snow cover, if there's a difference.

A peak which will probably lose its snow cover during the summer (if/when it comes).

And the two last shots, back in the direction of Ötztal.

Full-resolution pictures and others that didn't make it in this selection are available from jacek@jacek.cz, www.jacek.cz