Chuchmas' wedding, July 2004

Here they come!

The soon-to-be-married couple - Chuma and Markéta.

Visitors included MM and Uran...

...JT with his darlings...

...and many others.

Last arrangements with the priest.

The wedding was in this nice and simple church.

Father bringing the bride to her destiny.

And a somewhat different couple coming out.

Kissing the bride is of course an integral part of wishing them well, so Chuma could say nothing.

Markéta will certainly like children. 8-)

The kidnapping of the bride was fun, too.

Waiting for Chuma to come and get her.

Oh, here he is! (sorry, blur not intended)

Happy moment shared by the kidnappers, kidnappee and the rescuers party.

And the evening finished with a lot of dancing, as appropriate.

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