London, August 2004

Shiny Millenium bridge leading towards St. John's cathedral.
In the lunchtime of this beautiful day it was full of people, understandably.

Double-deckered Big Ben tower.

View down from the London Eye on what I was going to experience soon.

After the initial screaming and general horror, I was soon able to look around.

And even do a backflip. I think I deserve a medal. 8-)

Concert by Morcheeba with a brand-new singer.

Followed by Lee Hazlewood, apparently a renowned singer and songwriter. He was certainly new to me, but I liked him.

Yes, everybody knows Piccadilly Circus.
Ehm, sorry, the Stonehenge.
Oh yes, I spent one day outside London, thanks to a dear friend, Mike Watts.

I didn't know about the London Tower, surely a nice surprise.

And the Tower Bride, also known (incorrectly) as the London Bridge.

The bridge was opening, which may or may not be a rare sight.

Again, not the Piccadilly Circus, this time it's the Trafalgar Square, with people enjoying the refreshing fountain water.
All the week I spent in London, it rained twice, never on me. Otherwise it was a beautiful and hot summer.

And finally the mandatory visit to the British Museum to see the mummies.

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