W3C Tech Plenary 2004 - Cannes

Let's start with my hotel - the last and cheapest on the alternate hotels list. It was nice nevertheless.

Sunday night it was raining but the setting sun managed to get through and make the whole east pink.

The way from my hotel to the meeting hotel.

And this is the meeting hotel - Royal Hotel Casino - as seen from the sea-side.

Some nice views from near the meeting hotel.

Finishing with the pink evening view of Cannes.

Meet the meat!

Now meet the people: Yves, Gudge, MNot, ?Mike?

Assorted musical participants

XMLP chair DavidF

I knew I was confusing these guys for a reason! (DanC and TomJ)

Bijan, Umit and ?Zoe? watching a pack of cats.

Various WSDL people: GlenD, PaulD, DaveO, Sanjiva, Roberto (and the obstructed TomJ).

Bijan and ?Zoe? and one of the many local cats.

That's Umit.

Glen apparently has a lot to say to DaveO.

These very nice people are Ashok Malhotra and his wife.
(Thanks to everyone who helped me with this one.)

Now the actual meetings: XMLP in a nice cozy room.

A bit of a glitch at the actual plenary.

Full-resolution pictures and others that didn't make it in this selection are available from jacek@jacek.cz, www.jacek.cz